Wooduwear - wooden goods you can wear. From wooden rings and necklaces to hats, wood watches and wooden sunglasses.

Why Wooduwear?

Why Wear Wood?

At the intersection of tradition and modern styles, Wooduwear stands out as a testament to sustainable elegance. Drawing upon the foundation and expertise of Wooduchoose, our brand represents more than just fashion; it is a movement towards conscious consumerism.

With a rich history rooted in the timber industry, we bring to the table not just products, but experiences. Having traversed the journey from users and designers to makers and buyers, our insight is both vast and deep. This allows us to curate wearables that are not just accessories but conversation starters.

Every piece in our collection, be it wooden ties, cufflinks, or jewellery, champions the cause of sustainability while not compromising on style. When you choose wearable wood products that we showcase on Wooduwear, you are aligning with a brand that believes in making a difference, one wooden piece at a time.